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How To Get On Discover Weekly




W h a t   i s   D i s c o v e r   W e e k l y   ?


Discover Weekly, a flagship playlist on Spotify, offers artists a prime opportunity to showcase their music. Refreshed every Monday, this playlist delivers up to 30 personalized tracks tailored to individual listeners' tastes. Distinguished by its personalized curation, Discover Weekly ensures a unique experience for each user, making it a highly coveted platform for artists to reach new audiences. Despite its weekly rotation, past playlists remain accessible, allowing users to revisit and discover previously featured tracks. Maintaining its popularity as Spotify's second most sought-after playlist, Discover Weekly offers users access to a diverse range of music. Although songs featured are exclusive to the week, users can revisit past playlists to discover previously missed tracks.



How to enter Discover Week


Here are three key strategies to secure placement on Discover Weekly and expand your audience:


· Consistent Music Uploads: Regularly sharing your music signals active engagement to both Spotify's algorithms and potential listeners. By consistently releasing tracks, you establish a presence that attracts attention and fosters audience curiosity.


· Prioritize Quality: While quantity is essential, never compromise on the quality of your music. Focus on crafting standout tracks that resonate with listeners, even if it means fewer releases. High-quality content leaves a lasting impression and fosters listener loyalty.


· Leverage Social Media: Expand your reach beyond Spotify by leveraging social media platforms to promote your music. Engaging with fans across various channels broadens your audience base and enhances your overall visibility.


Understanding the algorithm behind Discover Weekly is crucial. By analyzing user behavior, such as likes and playlist additions, Spotify curates personalized recommendations for each listener.



C o n c l u s s i o n


In conclusion, inclusion in Discover Weekly can significantly impact an artist's career, driving streams and expanding their fan base. By following these expert tips and leveraging Spotify's free resources, artists can harness the platform's vast potential and propel their music careers forward.



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