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How To Get Verified On Spotify




Verified VS non-verified profiles


Verified profiles have this blue mark badge and also access to numerous features available only to verified artists. The badge is an indication that the artist has gained control over his data and his public information. Below you will find all the exclusive features that are automatically unlocked once your artist profile gets verified.




Why you should get a verified profile?


Obtaining a blue mark badge and getting verified is a must-do for every artist. If you want to increase your chances of getting added on an editorial playlist, you definitely need to get through the Spotify artist verification process. You will know the outcome of your attempt by getting (or not) the blue checkmark next to your Spotify artist profile. If you succeed, the listeners will think more highly of you as an artist, and the curators are more likely to consider you as a viable option for their playlist. This is an must-grab opportunity to look more professional. In addition, you will gain access to a numerous of interesting locked assets that will help you enhance the quality of your profile.




Exclusive features for verified artists


Passing through the Spotify verification process opens a lot of doors for you as an artist. These insights will help you get your track heard by a greater audience that include both listeners and curators. It will be much more encouraging for those curators to examine your song if they see that you are verified artist but that also increases the chances of getting added to a user's playlist.


Here are all the features available only to verified artists:

· Access to Spotify streaming analytics and statistics.

· Blue mark badge next to your artist name.

· Full control over your profile data, ability to change image, biography, links etc.
· Ability to post future gigs and tour dates.
· Ability to add custom image along with a selected playlist and pin it as "artist' pick".

· Ability to add a direct paypal support button through which fans can make donations directly to your paypal account.


How to pass the Spotify artist verification?


The verification process that all artists must go through includes four simple steps. On an effort to make it easier for you to complete the process, we have listed below those five steps in detail.

Step 1 · Login into your Spotify account using either a smartphone or a desktop pc.

Step 2 · In order to access the artist verification section you either need to visit that link using a browser on a desktop computer or download the app and go through a mobile device. If you choose the mobile app method to go through, all you have to do is to press the "Claim your profile" button after you login into your Spotify account.

Step 3 · After pressing the "Claim your profile" button, you will be requested to fill in your artist name and opt for one of the two options, "Manager representing an artist" or "Artist". Pick the "artist" if you represent yourself.

Step 4 · Spotify will ask you to fill in a set of personal details that will help them verify your attempt is legit and you have the rights to proceed. Fill in the required info.

Step 5 · Now all you have to do it wait for a couple of days till the Spotify teams checks your application and assigns (or rejects) artist access to your account.


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