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Collaborative Playlists Explained




What are Spotify collaborative playlists?


A collaborative playlist is where you and other Spotify members can collaborate in order to curate it. You can turn any of your Spotify playlists into a collaborative playlist and allow to anyone to add or re-order tracks, but NOT to delete tracks added by other collaborators. Only the creator/owner is able to delete any entry. The owners of a playlist can also see everyone who contributed to the playlist via their user avatars on the playlist header. For entry added to the collaborative playlist the the avatar of the person who added it will be shown.




How to create a collaborative playlist


Collaborative playlists are stupidly easy to create and consist of a great method to gain followers, swap recommendations, share your music discoveries, and in general cooperate with other people. To create a collaborative playlist:

· First create a normal playlist.

· Then go to your library and select the playlist you want to make collaborative.
· Tap the "add user" button in the header to make the playlist collaborative. If you can't see such button then select "invite collaborators". This generates a valid link for 24 hours which should turn your playlist to collaborative once used.
· Share the link copied to clipboard and start inviting more friends to add songs or podcast.



New Features


Collaborative playlists are in fact a great way to maintain playlists in partnership with other people. Recently, Spotify added new ways of controlling the collaborative playlists allowing users to keep closer tabs on who has access to those playlists. The playlist owners have now the ability to invite (or remove) users from collaborating. Owners are also able to set collaborative playlists to private, so no one can listen to, search for or view those mixes except for the people you've given access.


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Collaborative Playlists Explained


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