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Surf Music

by Max Hixon



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by Ross



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Afropop Goodies

by King Doss





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Relaxing All Genres




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Old & New School




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African Magic

by Soulify



📣    Frequently asked question    📢

Is it safe? I have some worries concerning the log-in.

Do not worry. The usage of the Spotify API is in full compliance with the Spotify TOS. You can disable access at any time through your Spotify account settings.

Is it truly free? Or will I be getting thousands of annoying spam emails?

We put in a great deal of effort building this network. Causing discomfort to our users goes against our intentions. We rarely send emails.

Is it sure that my track will get playlisted?

No. But it is highly possible that your track gets at least one placement in a relatively popular playlist with music of the same genre.

How long will my track stay on any playlist?

That is up to the curator. But all our curators are obligated to keep approved tracks on their lists for at least a month.

I own a popular playlist. What will I gain if I submit my playlist?

You will get instructions on how to participate in our program, which leads to the growth of your playlist. You'll also get offers on trading placements from other curators.

Is there a way to contact you?

Sure. Contact us at info[at]playlisterz[dot]com. However, due to an extensive volume of submissions, be a bit patient.







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Divine Feminine

by Soulify



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WhiteLab Music Picks #1

by WhiteLab Music



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Vocals and Lyrics

by Rider Records



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